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  • Bon4 BON4 Cat Nail

BON4 Cat Nail

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Please your Keyholders with a gift suggesting new ways to express the unique bonds between you. BON4 Catnails are perfect: beautiful, functional, affordable.
Got an itch? A Catnail will set you right, whether your Keyholder wants to relieve or enhance your irritation. So long, so hard, gleaming and sharp! Those tips, tapping and sliding over your back, can feel like the merest pinpricks or deep gouges, making you squirm.

Your Keyholder immediately perceives the Catnails are most useful in other places. Blindfolded, you quiver in fear as your sac is pulled down and the cold steel slides across your distended scrotum. Do the points curve upwards or down? Suddenly, this question assumes great importance for you.
Imagine your inner thighs, spread wide for easy access, raked by a set of three Catnails. Or one, poked painfully into your cage, or drawn upwards on either side of your dual-purpose tube towards your head.

For external use only — no orifices or mucous membranes!

Note: This kinky toy is available in 3 sizes.