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  • Bon4 BON4Mplus Large
  • Bon4 BON4Mplus Large
  • Bon4 BON4Mplus Large
  • Bon4 BON4Mplus Large
  • Bon4 BON4Mplus Large

BON4Mplus Large

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BON4Mplus Large / dual cage package

Big tools come in big cases, and your big tool is no exception. If you’re above average, you’ll need a larger cage to maintain proper submission. Our BON4Mplus Large package offers you (or rather your Keyholder) many options to exert control over your behavior.
The BON4Mplus Large includes our two largest cock cages, the BON4ML, and the BON4MXL, The seven standard 360° swiveling cock & ball rings (CBRs), three spacer tubes, 2 threaded locking pins to hold everything securely in place, a lock with two keys and a removable silicone cover.
Once the discreet package has been delivered to your shipping address it’s time to try and find out which of the 7 CBR’s fits you best, and thus offers optimal security. Remember, the security of a male chastity device sits basically in wearing the correct ring size.

Under your Keyholder’s direction, experiment to find the perfect combination of cage, spacers, and ring, which may be different for the two cages.
Humiliation as well as shame lie at the root of male submission. Now consider the ways a Keyholder can vary the type of restraint and thus the aspect of humiliation you’ll experience.
· “You’re pathetic! You don’t even half fill your cage.”
· “Look at that, your short dick, swollen with desire for me, can’t grow any more. You want relief? Forget it!”
· “Oh, you look silly, all cramped up in your tight cage. Does it hurt?”
· “Your sheathskin’s bulging between the ring and the cage. Does it feel good when I gently rub you with my fingertip?”

We do not recommend fitting the BON4MXL on a too-small penis in a vain attempt to impress others.
Rely on BON4 to keep you chaste, obedient and submissive.